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Much of the work being done at I2R works to create models of real-world phenomena through the use of statistics, theoretical tools, and computation. Below are some software tools developed specifically for these goals.


R4Calc is an add-on for OpenOffice.org, an open source office suite, that allows you to connect Calc -- the OpenOffice spreadsheet program -- to R, a powerful statistical computing package. The add-on allows you to develop R-based applications in Calc, allows for running of custom scripts, and facilitates data transfer from Calc to R. This was developed as a Google Summer of Code 2007 project.


A social network analysis program that allows one to analyze multiple personal networks. The software is scriptable and implements numerous algorithms and exploratory techniques. The software project is ongoing, and was presented at IBM's Centres for Advanced Study (CAS) Conference 2006.

Primitive Life

A simulation of creatures with basic brains. The program allows you to dictate how much pleasure a creature gains from eating and mating while in a dynamic environment, and then creature act according to your settings.

Genetic Regression

A software tool that uses genetic algorithms to find periodic functions that best mimic data. The current version comes with a manual and performs the process on functions composed of multiples of sine curves.